A common question we get is what paperwork do I need to sell my car? The first answer is prepping your vehicle for sale. This is one of the most important steps in getting ready to sell your vehicle. There are a few important pieces of paperwork to have ready to sell your vehicle with and a few details you may want to check on first. There are three mandatory pieces of paperwork you’ll need for sale, and there are three other documents you’ll want as well.

Vehicle Registration (Ownership)
The most obvious one is make sure you have your Vehicle Registration (Ownership) form. This paper functions as your ownership and you’ll need to fill out the vehicle transfer section when selling it to a new buyer. This sheet is also important for preparing other paperwork.

You’ll also want your UVIP which is available at any Service Alberta location, this is a mandatory form for any vehicle sale in Alberta. It provides the driving history of the vehicle and will include an accident history as well. It doesn’t however provide any detailed information on the accident history.

Bill of Sale
The final mandatory piece of paperwork you’ll want is your bill of sale prepared. You can access the one we provide for our clients “here”. Just make sure you fill out all the fields provided.

what paperwork do i need to sell my car

Recommended Documents

These documents are not required to be provided by the seller for the purchase to complete. Although a valid E-Test and Safety Test are required by the government for the vehicle to change ownership there is no requirement to provide them to the buyer.

The Emissions Test is part of Alberta’s drive clean program. Every test is valid for two years. If you have one that’s already valid, you should provide it to the seller however they are able to get the vehicle tested on their own.

Safety Test
The Safety Test ensures that the vehicle meets the minimum safety standards of the province. This certificate is valid for thirty-six days from when it’s issued. Most private sellers will arrange to have this ready for their buyers, but again, not required.

A CarProof report will show a detailed accident history and will confirm the title of your vehicle and its history. This is relevant information you’ll want to have. It also confirms any outstanding lien information that you will want to know about your vehicle. This gives your buyers confidence in the vehicle they’re purchasing. It’s also really easy to share with your buyer or on different classified ad sites like Kijiji & Sell My Car Edmonton which have CarProof integrations.
These are purchasable online for a relatively low price.